Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Show

Whilst on the sail the Academy did their Christmas Show 'Bethlehem Express'. It was one of the most entertaining and professional kids shows we have ever seen and a credit to the teachers and students who worked so hard to put it all together in just over 1 week!! Here are a few pics of the fun:-)

Monday, December 21, 2009


We're finally in Tenerife. Strange how quickly you get used to being at sea and the ship moving all the time. Now we are tied up safely we still haven't put things back on shelves incase the ship rolls and they fall off!
Anyway it's great to be here and the kids are loving being able to go to the park and run around. They went into their first toy shop for almost 11 months yesterday - talk about excitement!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All at Sea

still no kraken - but lots of rolling about on the blue stuff today. Another full day of sea-life with a turtle, dolphins and 'big fish' which could have been whales or Orcas (the Chief Mate didn't want to commit himself). Getting quite excited about the prospect of Tenerife now, but still lots of paperwork to get sorted. Its hard to stay motivated though when the ship is swaying about, the sun is shining on my back and the sea is crying out for me to just sit and stare at it.
Spent a good part of yesterday getting our computer files set up for Togo so all our letter templates etc are now in place and ready to be used. Good job we did as today I have about 80 letters to sign for crew re-joining the vessel in Tenerife:-(

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Spy with my little eye....

Well after a couple of days at sea so far we've seen dolphins, whales (just), flying fish and a water 'spout' sort of mini tornado thing - which was a first for me!

Now if only we can find that Kraken .......................

New Mercy Ships Website

The new Mercy Ships Web site has been launched. At present only the USA version is rolled out so if you go to the general web page www.mercyships.org and click on the USA flag you'll see all the new stuff. One new feature is that all crew have their own page! So go to http://www.mercyships.org/page/outreach/view/crewmates/Rob and you'll see me. It's just a standard script at present but will be updated as and when I have time to submit something more personal about the clan:-)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All at sea

Well after 10 months of BENIN we are back at sea and heading for Tenerife. After a final week full of red tape, paperwork, missed deadlines and false promises we somehow managed (God's goodness) to get everything we needed in place to sail. So yesterday at approc 11:00 we sailed out of the harbour and waved goodbye to a handfull of people on the dock. It wasn't the most memorable departure, but for me at least it was one that I've looked forward to the most. Benin is a great country with lots of nice people who really appreciated the help that Mercy Ships offered - but for the Purser it was very, very hard work. Here are some pics of the ward being cleaned, lifting vehicles onboard, and other stuff.

10,000th dental patient!!
Ward Cleaning




No more of this for a while....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Busy Busy

No blogging for a while so what were we doing? Well we've had our share of sickness with both girls being on Anti Biotics due to bad stomaches (Shigella?) and Anne on Anti biotics at the same time for a different infection. Then Nathaniel (not wanting to be left out) managed to get 'kissed' by an Acid Bug that left a nasty looking mark on his face.
All this together with packing up the ship, a day of no electric whilst the engineers cleaned the engine cooler again, transferring vehicles to Togo, preparing at sea muster lists etc has kept us a bit busy!