Friday, June 25, 2010

Ships that cross in the night

How do we get supplies to the AFM in Africa? Well we found a 'new' way when one of the cargo ships that regularly visits the port of Lome noticed us and the work we're doing, and offered to bring supplies from Europe for us. The offer came just as our European office received a donation of expensive medical dressings, so we put the two in touch and a few weeks later, voila a free delivery of some much needed specialist supplies. The picture shows me with my colleague Tim and two representatives from our shipping agents who handled all the import paperwork on our behalf. As they say in the RN - The Team Works!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Not sure if it's age, stress or just the business of life but the weeks are flying by so fast that the Blog is really getting neglected. Sorryo. Here are a couple of pics of our beautiful and talented reception team onboard. We try to get out a couple of times a year just to relax together, and this year we went to a Lebanese restaurant. Yum.