Sunday, September 12, 2010

All washed out

It's all hands on deck here at Appelsbosch as we are short of personnel to do all the daily functions required. Anne and the girls are helping in the dining room this afternoon - looking pretty in their aprons!

Birthday Boy

The 9th September was Nathaniels 8th Birthday. It was quite a low key day with presents before school and a cake and run about with friends afterwards - but he enjoyed it. What did he get? Some 'Lord of the rings' action figures (thanks Cole family) and a genuine Swiss Army penknife (with 9 functions). AWESOME.

ship in bits

Well we're in South Africa and living in Appelsbosch. I'll post some more photos later this week so you can see what it's like, but it is a lot more spacious than life onboard and very similar to some of the Youth Hostels that I stayed in as a boy in the lakes. communal toilets and showers, echoing hallways and 'basic' amenities but it is slowly becoming home. One of our guys went to the ship last week and took this photo of one of teh harbour generators that is being removed. As you can see work is progressing and they hope to get into drydock next week to take the remaining pieces out -