Monday, March 30, 2009

A race to the finish

Boys will be boys and even with only a small space to play in Nathaniel enjoys racing against his friend Ken. Go boys!

Monday, March 16, 2009

What Weekend?

Seems that one blog every 2 weeks is normal at the moment! This weekend was another of those that passed with more work than rest. We would really value your prayers as we continue to work with Officials here. The language and cultural barriers are hard enough, but with the prevailing spiritual 'resistance' to our presence it can sometimes feel an impossible task. Praise God we do not have to live by feelings!!
Also yesterday a motor scooter clipped the front of our vehicle whilst we were parking and the rider fell off. Thankfully he only had a scuff on his knee and elbow and once we'd cleaned him up and given him some cash to repair his bike things were OK, but it was still very stressful for all involved.
So prayers for protection, Grace and strength are much needed (and appreciated).

Monday, March 2, 2009

Screening Photos

Work here goes on at a hectic pace - but at last certain aspects are becoming more routine. The Immigration process is settling down and we are starting to make good relationships with the Port Immigration / Police.

As promised here are a few photos of screening day. Rachel-Elise was able to attend with the Junior High and High School students. This was an amazing blessing for them and for the children that they played with during what was for everyone a very long first day.
Over the 2 days 2550 people were checked by the medical teams (with family members that makes 5000+ people lined up). Over 400 ended up being given appointments for surgery onboard and many others were referred to our dental and eye clinics for less serious problems.
Here's the pics...