Monday, February 1, 2010

Adios Tenerife

After 6 weeks of enjoying Tenerife and catching up on paperwork from our 10 months in Benin, we're now back at sea and heading for Togo. We got away from Santa Cruz at around 14:00 yesterday amidst a heavy swell and rather cloudy, wet weather. Our sail so far? Bouncy to say the least so there are a lot of bleary eyes and queezy stomaches around the ship today. Am I looking forward to Togo? To be honest there is always a mixture of excitement of going to a new Port and trepidation of what it will be like. There is always so much work to do to get the crew settled in and to get relationships built up with local officials that it can seem VERY overwhelming - without God's Grace, wisdom and strength I know it would not be possible to keep on doing this role:-)

Here's a picture of Nathaniel and me waving goodbye to our friends as we sailed out yesterday.