Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Pics

OK as promised here are a few pictures of Ionas 11th Birthday :-)

Nice cake (baked by Daddy)

Games - learn the rules

Pass it over, then under

Then bounce

Out for Pizza

Foggy Lens

Watching Fish in the river


Point of no Return

Where-ever we have travelled in West Africa we have found evidence of the slave trade and the scars that this continent still bears as a result of it. Benin has it's own scars and a large memorial stands in Ouida, at 'The Gateway of no return'. This was the point where the slaves were handed over to be shippped out, and for many it was a death sentence.
Once in Ouida the slaves were made to walk around a supposedly magical tree called the Tree of Forgetfulness. Men had to go round it nine times, women and children seven. This experience, they were told, would make them forget everything - their names, their family, and the life they had once had. As if this was not enough, the slaves were then locked into a dark room, built to resemble the hulk of a ship.
In the local language this room was called Zomai, meaning literally: "There, where the light is not allowed." Its foundations are still visible. Once on the ships most of the Beninoise slaves ended up in Brazil, and strangely enough did NOT forget about their homes, families and friends left behind.

To swim or not to Swim

Some of you may remember that after going for a swim in a fresh water 'lake' in Liberia a number of us had to take tablets against schistosomiasis. Our clever lab folk have taken some pictures of common 'nasties' including schisto, and I thought you might like to see them...




Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today is Iona's 11th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS HONEY!!

We'll stick some pictures up soon:-)

Award for Don and Deyon

HRH Prince Michael of Kent (left) presents Don & Deyon with the 2009 Variety Club International Humanitarian Award in a ceremony held in London on Tuesday evening. On the right is Grahame Mapp AM (Australia) outgoing President of Variety International. Photo courtesy of The Variety Club
Previous winners of this award include Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Alexander Fleming, Dr Albert Schweitzer, Sir Winston Churchill and Audrey Hepburn